Privacy Policy

Last updated on: July 10, 2022

TrueGigs Inc is owned and operated by Epicsoft Corporation. At TrueGigs Inc we understand the importance of personal privacy of our users, this privacy policy explains the usage and disclosure of data collected by TrueGigs Inc. When users are creating their TrueGigs Inc profile they provide their personal and non-personal information in order to become a user and use the application and features they require.>

Core points of our privacy practice included in TrueGigs Inc privacy policy are listed below:

  • Data we collect and purpose of collection

  • When and why we collect mobile location data

  • What is the use of collected data

  • Security practices to secure data

Personal Data collection:

When you decide to create an account with TrueGigs Inc using our “Mobile App” or “Web Portal” and take advantage of our services, you are required to submit certain personal information. The personal data that we collect includes following information:

  • Your first & last name, date of birth and username

  • Contact information including email, phone number and address

  • Your documents including picture Id, non-picture Id and resume

  • Profile picture

TrueGigs Inc also maintains the messages exchanged between users of the application. This data is collected and maintained to provide communication functionality that enables you to perform your tasks accurately and efficiently.

No-Personal Data Collection:

When users are accessing TrueGigs Inc services we may collect some non-personal data including device information, browser type and version, current operating system and IP address of the device.

Location Data:

TrueGigs Inc also collects your location information (latitude & longitude) when you permit TrueGigs Inc mobile application to access location services on your mobile device. TrueGigs Inc also collects your precise location when TrueGigs Inc mobile application is running in foreground or background. Users location tracking is used to provide better workforce management services, location tracking is activated only during users shit timings or work hours. If user does not want to share the location information they can deactivate the location permission.

When user agrees to provide location information access to TrueGigs Inc mobile application, we start to collect user’s location information during the shift timings. This information is exclusively shared with users staffing agency to inform them about your location and make sure user is on-time or is away from the job location. Location information is also collected for clock-in and clock-out services as TrueGigs Inc allows the user to clock-in & clock-out only when they are on the job site. User has the right to disable the mobile application's access to location services at any time by editing the settings of their mobile device.

Use Of Information:

Personal data will only be used as listed below, unless you specifically provided consent to any other type of usage either at the time of data collection or through another form of consent from the user.

  • We may share collected data for providing recruiting and placement services within TrueGigs Inc platform.

  • Your personal requests and inquiries may resolve using your collected data.

  • We use your personal data to send you emails in regards to services and features you use.

  • We do not share your personal data with third parties unless we get your consent exclusively.

  • We share your data with the recruiting and staffing company you are attached to for the purpose of shift assignment, timesheets, communication and your location and distance from job site.

  • We share the data as per the legal procedures and requirements.

  • We may also use data to investigate fraud, harassment and other legal violations, regulations and terms of services.

Data Security:

We have implemented data security measures to protect your data in transit and at rest as per be best security practices, policies and procedures. We have implemented following procedures to protest your personal data from unauthorized disclosure.

  • We have applied secure socket layer encryption to protect and secure data in transit.

  • Your personal requests and inquiries may resolve using your collected data.

  • Our access control policies are in place to limit the access to data for authorized personnel only. We only allow access level permissions to licensed users. Access permissions are reviewed periodically and access permissions are revoked for inactive users.

  • Database backups are configured on a periodic basis for data integrity and security. These backups are tested regularly to ensure accessibility and availability.

  • We have implemented and configured commercially available methods to protect and secure all forms of data but network infrastructures and internet transmissions are not 100% secure.

  • Security information is also dependent on the computer systems that users use to connection to our environment so please make sure you take adequate measures to protect your information at your end as well

User Rights:

You have following rights concerning your information including:

  • Access to the information we have stored about your profile.

  • Update and modify your information.

  • Remove certain information stored in your profile when it is no longer required for us to hold if or you have objection for us to hold such information.

  • User can contact us at support@TrueGigs for removal of their information if they are no longer part of TrueGigs Inc system

Contact Us:

For your questions and concerns about our privacy policy, you can contact us at info@TrueGigs